UPPSKERA is a space combat game in which you find yourself toe-to-toe with an enemy who is hunting you while it rips apart the universe.

Pre-alpha screenshot of Uppskera

Pre-alpha screenshot of Uppskera

Each level the odds against you increase, enemies assimilate resources and evolve. By the end of the game they will launch a (nearly) unstoppable force against you.


Exploring themes of authority, resource depletion and morality, UPPSKERA is a compelling narrative inspired by Sea Shepherd, resource exploitation, and . Through your journey you harvest material, improve your ship, and uncover the revolting secret behind the fuel source that makes interstellar travel possible.


In a time of procedurally generated, vast open world, high-fidelity space sims, UPPSKERA is a refreshing linear single player experience designed to be experienced in 4-6 hours of gameplay. 


Currently in production.