boutique escape experiences

Escape Games are puzzles connected by stories, designed to be experienced by a team of players in a curated space. The goal is to solve the puzzles to complete the story. Escape Games are extremely popular in Asia, spreading like wildfire in the U.S. & Canada, Russia, and Europe. Most people have never tried one despite their broad appeal and accessibility.

Wero is one of few companies which design high-end boutique escape experiences for new and standing escape room businesses, as well as Branded Experiences for Agency, Brand clients, and Corporate Training.  

Marketing & ACTIVATION & Corporate training

Don't show it! Experience it!

When you put people in a room to work together, something special happens. The brand becomes part of a cherished memory.

As designers we've worked with Award-Winning Agencies around the world to carefully manage user flow, difficulty, scalability, and ensure brands stand out.

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NEW & Existing ESCAPE Rooms

The challenge of building an escape game is both Design and Build, but also the ongoing Operation.

We can help you start from scratch, or refresh the content of an existing business. Wero can help you with Design only, or Design and Build, so you can offer your customers experiences that will keep your Room sought after.

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Escape the GAme

Escape the Game addresses the most common questions people have about designing, making, and running escape rooms. The book is meant to inspire designers to think holistically about their escape rooms as more than the sum of their parts.

The best escape rooms are made by thinking of the player experience first.

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