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Here's a little something we've been working on: SCAPA FLOW. It refers to a body of water in the Orkney Islands, Scotland, which served as a base for the British Grand Fleet during both World Wars.

The player takes the role of a U-Boat captain hunting for ships carrying war munitions. The game play is half hunting and half talking. As you pilot your submarine you need to discern civilian ships from Royal Navy by using the radio to contact the other ships. 

A German U-Boat hunting for Royal Navy.

A German U-Boat hunting for Royal Navy.

There's really no clear way to win... if you sink an enemy ship you aren't per se rewarded. What's to reward about death and destruction? The goal is not to break the Declaration of Paris and it's harder than you might think.

The game is inspired by the particularly tense months leading up to February 1915, after the Germans had declared they'd be engaging in unrestricted submarine warfare. In essence it's a point in time in which technology was changing the rules of warfare. The Germans had the naval superiority to decimate the enemy's supply lines however if they sunk civilians they risked drawing new foes into the war.

As usual, history has much to teach us about the world today. The game and historical setting tie into an underlying theme: in war nobody wins.

You can read a more in-depth account of the development process over at realityisagame.com.