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We've been playing with things here at Wero. In fact we've decided to release a few of the things we've been playing with. These aren't products we're going to push hard or support beyond little fixes here and there, and so we're calling them our Prototypes. We'd rather have you play with them than have them sit on a hard drive somewhere.  Like any musical instrument, a game that isn't being played is a sad, sad thing.

The first such "prototype" is Gnome Oppressor. An endless flying game that ramps up in difficulty the longer you survive.

One of the major bottlenecks for releasing a game is level design. In this particular case Adam wanted to play with the difficult-yet-possible procedural generation capabilities of GameSalad... and so he decided to riff on the cutesy gnomes from Catlifter.

Since this project was an experiment, all of the art itself was open source with only a few exceptions. 

You can read more about the development of the game on realityisagame.com

The game is FREE on the App Store. Check it out.