To the moon! But oh no! Space is filled with pesky asteroids! Test your piloting skills to rescue innocent doge as they float helplessly through space.

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Game Design Improv

Game Design Improv is a digitized game design exercise which I use to quickly produce ideas for games in all forms. It’s all about quickly creating game ideas based on limited information in a fun way.

Use it to come up with ideas for:

– Video Games

– Board Games

– Any other games!


CatLifter was inspired by the classic game Choplifter as well as kittens (which are universally agreed to be adorable). The gameplay is casual and the challenge is sickeningly cute – guide your RC helicopter to the kitten carriers where the gnomes have imprisoned your feline friends. 

Rock Mars

One of our first projects, Rock Mars is an educational and collaborative learning game.  Working in teams, students act as scientists and investigators as they navigate the challenges and obstacles posed by a graphic novel.   

Students employ research and critical assessment skills to ensure that a manned mission to the planet Mars is a success.  It was released in school boards in Ontario, Canada.