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AstroDoge is a free mobile casual game available on the App Store and Google Play. It's inspired by memes from the cryptocurrency DogeCoin and boasts an innovative control scheme. The player guides a tiny spaceship through a never-ending asteroid belt, trying to better their high score on each attempt. Two types of power ups can prolong the journey: Shields and Lazers. And if you really want to push the score up, rescuing a few helpless "Doge" is a good place to start.

Fortune favours the bold, so speeding recklessly through space will get you some big scores!


The S.S. Shibe handles a little like a tank. The player controls 2 individual thrusters by sliding their thumbs up and down the sides of the screen. If the right thrusters is powered and the left thruster isn't, the ship will turn left. The opposite is also true. Sliding the thumbs to the bottom of the screen slows the ship down and the top speed it up. 


With Facebook, Twitter, Game Center, and Google Play Game Services integration you can egg on your friends and share high scores for global bradding rights.

Update 1.3

May 22, 2014 -We've improved performance, art, and the tutorial. If you haven't checked out AstroDoge yet, it's looking (and running) better than ever!


So many people love the AstroDoge art and wanted it for themselves. Check out the AstroDoge store to get a t-shirt!


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